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Join Mr. Josh and Robyn the Bird as they travel to the wonderful Isle of Hooglafair and interact with a cast of strange and surprising characters over a plethora of topics relevant to kids and families! Each episode includes imaginative stories, educational topics, real kid interviews, original songs, and more! The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast is geared for children, but grownups will love it too! Enjoy!
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Dec 24, 2015

We spend a lot of our lives sleeping - but why?

Boltz and Nerlin plan a fun sailing trip in Hooglafair Bay, but Boltz quickly finds out he must recharge his batteries each night. We bring back the newly-loved segment, Brian the Brain, and we get lots of helpful info about the importance of sleep!

The featured artist is Caspar Babypants. He got started in kids' music by reimagining nursery rhymes and folk songs, and he most recently released 'Beatles Baby' - a collection of Beatles songs for families. We're excited to feature his song 'Drift Off In Time' here.

This episode is brought to you by us - Sugarcrash Kids. We are giving away copies of our newly-released album 'Rad Songs' and SCK Pick Necklaces. Enter to win one of three 'Rad Packs' - each rad pack includes two copies of our new album and two SCK Pick Necklaces. Enter at

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It's been a blast being with you this season! See you back very soon for Season Three!

- Mr. Josh, DJJD, and Robyn the Bird

Dec 7, 2015

Get ready to take flight with us as we talk all about airplanes and the art of facing your fears.

Ellie conquers her fear of flying as she travels back to her hometown of London, England in an airplane. We also bring back the popular segment, Wisdom with Zip, as Zip the Squirrel gives us tips on packing for a trip and also some random thoughts about flying squirrels.

The featured artist is Recess Monkey, a band made up of three teachers who met at the same school and decided to make rock and roll together. The band recently released their latest album, 'Hot Air', and we're super excited to showcase their song 'Lighter Than Air'.

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